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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Developing your brand, website or digital strategy is often one of the biggest investments budding brands have to make, so I try to make payments as simple and palatable as possible for my clients. 

We typically like to break it up into 3-5 payments depending on the scope of the project, but I like to be flexible and am happy to chat about what options would work best with your budget.

I don’t want to sound like a dodgy wheeler-dealer and give the same old answer as everyone else – but this really does vary from project to project.

As I offer three core services – brand, web and content marketing, I always like to chat with my potential clients and understand what their needs are and where and how I might be able to add value to their business before putting together some package options within their specified budget.

In order to not be totally useless – I can tell you that brand + website projects can start around £1800.

I am open to working with an existing logo, but it’s always something I take on a case-by-case basis.

I only ever want what’s best for your business and it might not be worth investing in a new website or digital marketing if your brand is holding you back from connecting with your target audience. 

Branding projects typically take around 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on the scope of the deliverables. Whereas brand + website projects can take 1.5-3 months depending on the scale and complexity of your website.

Our studio availability varies throughout the year, but we typically book projects 6-8 weeks in advance.

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